Three days filled with a variety of rock genres

Over the years we've hosted the likes of Slade, Saxon, Thunder, The Dead Daisies, Wayward Sons, The Wildhearts, and Massive Wagons. Expect all the

Rock 'n' Roll


To be announced.
Expect the usual mix of up and comers, established artists and tributes from all across the rock spectrum.


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These Wicked Rivers Logo 800
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More To be confirmed

Does your band rock?

We’re always looking for new and seasoned bands to feature at our festival. Whether you’re an up and comer, veteran of the circuit, squint and think ‘This can’t be a tribute’, or maybe something a bit different, we want to hear from you.



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Glamping at the Rock & Blues Festival

A spacious and comfortable camping experience, perfect for families and friends to enjoy the festival experience together.

Your canvas retreat will not only provide shelter and comfort but will give you the extra convenience of being situated near to the exclusive bar and seating areas only accessed with that all-important VIP Sanctuary Wristband.

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