Can I bring my own alcohol to the event?

The organisers & licensee of this event and as part of licensed premise agreement with the local authorities must discourage you at this point NOT to bring your own alcohol into this event. It is the gate staff’s/security’s responsibility to enforce this upon your arrival at the show. In the event that you are in possession of alcohol it will be confiscated and kept safely under lock & key until you collect it after the event on your departure from site. Also the seizure of alcohol at this point helps us prevent any underage consumption. The event provides its own fully licensed professionally run bar providing a vast array of the finest beers & lagers including spirits & mixers and cocktails at very competitive rates. (top quality and probably the cheapest festival price.

What is the events policy on drugs?

This event has a zero tolerance on any type of drugs

“we do not permit illegal substances, including previously called those “legal highs” but which are now illegal following the PSA 2016, to be brought onto site or used at our event”.

 we offer any visitors a chance to not be caught out and prosecuted by the authorities by providing an “Amnesty Bin”– “Your Choice = Your Future”. Please note that the Derbyshire Constabulary not only place undercover officers at this show but also have the right to sweep any part of the event site at random with highly trained “sniffer dogs”.

Can I setup camp anywhere?

You will be asked by marshals to camp in an orderly manner in such a way that access and egress is obtainable by emergency service vehicles i.e. Fire & Ambulance – please abide by this simple rule by not blocking any through roads, entrances or exits “It may save a life”.

Are camp fires allowed?

Camp fires are NOT allowed, however anyone in the camping area wishing to cook their own food on small disposable BBQ’s & small gas camping stoves are welcome to do so in a safe manner. You must follow this procedure; “there will be a small concrete slab area provided for the purpose of using this type of equipment only”. We must emphasize at this point how dangerous both these pieces of cooking equipment can be in an area of confined space and if not used correctly especially if used near to or inside a tent. The risks of fire and the spread of fire & carbon-monoxide poisoning are very possible. Please follow the correct procedure or you may find your equipment confiscated for the safety of yourself and others.

Where can I put my rubbish?

Everyone attending and camping will be issued with rubbish bags and we ask that you keep your camping area clean and tidy at all times and if possible take your rubbish home with you helping us alleviate increasing refuse removal costs.

Can I bring my children?

Children are always welcomed at this family friendly event. Children 14 years and under will receive free admission (it is advisable to bring the child’s I.D. if boarding around 14 years of age for verification) all children and teenagers up to the age of 18 years must be accompanied by an adult(s) whilst at this event at all times. When you arrive at the event we will advise you to write a direct Mobile telephone number on your child’s under 18 wristband in the case of your child being separated from you whilst attending this event. Please note we do not provide a children’s Crèche you are responsible for your children under the age of 18 years old at all times.

Do I have to pay a parking fee for my motorcycle?

All types of Motorcycles/Trikes are FREE of any parking fees.

Can I bring my car?

Yes however, Cars  £10 and Car de-rived/small vans will be charged a £15 parking fee. All vans £30, Campers & Caravans will be charged a £40 parking fee. These fees are one payment only on arrival at the event and for the whole weekend of the show.

Does the event cater for the disabled?

Yes. Disabled parking and camping will be provided near to the arena entrance for easy access to the site. Disabled toilets are provided and a disabled viewing area near to the main stage can be provided if the organisers are informed well in advance of the event.

Can I bring glass containers to the event?

“NO GLASS CONTAINERS/VESSELS OF ANY TYPE SHALL BE ALLOWED ON THIS SITE WHAT SO EVER”– Please note that usually this event site is a working Dairy farm and it is strongly advised that you do not discard drinks can ring pulls or sharp objects on the floor anywhere.

What facilities are provided at the event?

Ample facilities are always provided but please use them sparingly & sensibly and although we maintain these facilities on a regular basis it is advisable to bring your own toilet paper.

Can I bring my dog?

Only guide dogs for the blind will be allowed on site other than that – “STRICTLY NO ANIMALS TO BE BROUGHT ON SITE WHAT SO EVER”.

Is there an on site shuttle bus?

No there isn’t if you need to go to and from the event site locally please organise yourself with local transport i.e. Taxi cabs etc.


The use of Drones at the event is strictly prohibited and anyone found to be entering the event site or caught using one on site will have it confiscated.