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Rock & Blues 2019 Helicopter pleasure flight:

Saturday 27th July ONLY!

Standard (Rear) Seat £40 – Co-Pilot Seat £50

Welcome to the Rock & Blues pleasure flight helicopter, call sign “G-DOFY” Golf – Delta, Oscar, Foxtrot, Yankee, is a 206 B111 Jet Ranger the aircraft is a five seater designed for commercial transportation and cost £

This helicopter pleasure flight experience is a professionally run operation and complies with all aviation health & safety legislation and operates to highest standards and comes with a hugely experienced commercial operations pilot and experienced ground crew for the loading and unloading of passengers and re-fuelling.

This helicopter offers standard seats that are located in the back of the helicopter. We can accommodate up to 4 standard seat passengers per flight. Our helicopter has large windows that span from waist level to the roof, offering a great panoramic view at a cost per flight of £40 each.

One passenger per flight may upgrade to the Co-pilot seat. Co-pilot seat passengers get to sit in the helicopter cockpit alongside the pilot; they enjoy unrivalled panoramic vistas and watch the pilot operating the flight controls at a cost per flight of £50 each.

“Book now and enjoy your flight around the Derbyshire Dales”

Pleasure flight booking procedure:

It is important that you please fully read and understand the following booking procedure before commencing with this Rock & Blues helicopter pleasure flight booking:

Do not continue with this booking if any of the following conditions apply to you or anyone you are booking this flight for: Pregnancy, Epilepsy, Heart Conditions, Motion/air sickness.

Our online booking system is easy to use.

  • Simply choose a “take off slot time” in the drop down box and then choose a “Seat type” in the other drop down box below it
    There are five standard seats and one co-pilot seat per take off during the allotted time slot

You will be then required to read and agree with the flight booking terms and conditions before purchase, please note that no tickets will be sent out but however you will need to print and bring your online purchase document with you as proof of purchase.

Helicopter Flight


Saturday 27th July 2019

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